March 22, 2020

 According to all the informations I collected from my former collegues and published guidelines on how to prescribe herbal formulas, I have prepared some herbs for the patients who need help. Don't worry and keep calm. We are together.

June 8, 2019

Do you know that acupuncture can be used for facial rejunvenation? Stimulating specific acupuncture points and topical application of special Chinese herbal facial creams can improve the appearance and make people look younger. Many people think that acupuncture is onl...

May 31, 2019

Patient is female, 46-year old. She felt itchy around perineum for several days after having sex. She felt painful due to bad sleeping. The family doctor gave a vaginal smear examination, but nothing special was found. The patient didn't take any medication. She visite...

January 20, 2018

Acupoint ST 36 is an amazing point which is used in clinic commonly. ST means stomach meridian. So, this point is strongly related to our digestive system. To stimulate ST 36 can be benefit digestive system and immune system. A previous research shows that pricking thi...

October 17, 2017

Acupuncture has been proved effective as a treatment for post-stroke conditons such as paralysis, speech and swallowing problems, and depression. And it is commonly used in the Orient combined with western rehabilitation. 

Xing nao kai qiao fa (awakening the brain and o...

October 10, 2017



预备姿势: 两脚分开站立,与肩同宽,马步蹲桩,含胸拔背,气沉丹田。


动作:身体向右转侧,右脚向右前方跨出一步,成右弓步。 两手从腰间同时伸出,肘关节微屈 15 度左右,五指...

October 2, 2017