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How acupuncture can improve sexual ability

Lower sexual ability is an unpleasant issue for both man and women. All these make you loss enjoying of sex life and unsatisfying your partner. Furthermore, psychological effects will be present, such as stress, anxiety and depression. And all these psychological issues will make things worse. Vicious circle formed.

Reasons leads lower sexual ability. Sexual function is a complex physiological process. The maintenance of normal sexual function depends on the cooperation of multiple systems of the human body, involving the coordination of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system and reproductive system. In addition, it must have a good mental state and healthy psychology. When abnormal changes occur in the above system or mental and psychological aspects, it will affect the normal sexual life, affect the quality of sexual life, and show "sexual dysfunction" (personally, I don't like this expression. I prefer "lower sexual ability").Lower sexual ability is a disorder of sexual behavior and sexual sensation, often manifested as abnormal or lack of sexual psychological and physiological response, and is a general term for many different symptoms. Male lower sexual ability mainly includes sexual desire disorder, penile erectile dysfunction and ejaculation disorder. According to statistics, 52% of men aged 40 to 70 have different degrees of sexual dysfunction. The incidence of female lower sexual ability is also high. Some people think that it can account for 30% to 60% of adult women. Among them, sexual desire (libido) and orgasm are the most common, and some women may never have enjoyed orgasm in their lifetime.

Modern researches show that the causes of sexual dysfunction can be roughly divided into three categories: biological factors, mental and psychological factors, and cultural factors. I do not discuss cultural factors here. Lower sexual ability may be caused by genetic, health status, hormone levels, age, disease (including chronic diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, endocrine diseases, genital lesions) and other reasons. Lower sexual ability can also occur in substance addiction, long-term alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Meanwhile, the influence of mental and psychological factors on sexual function is prominent, including the wrong sexual opinion, the influence of past sexual experience, environmental factors, interpersonal tension and negative emotions caused by various external factors.Sexual dysfunction can be divided into two categories: functional dysfunction and organic dysfunction. Male sexual dysfunction includes sexual desire disorders, penile erectile dysfunction, and ejaculation disorders. Female sexual dysfunction includes sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasm disorder, and sexual intercourse pain.

Let's take a look from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory about lower sexual ability. According to TCM, there are 3 organs, liver, kidney and heart mainly regulate sexual activity. And the material basis are abundance of Qi and blood. constitutions, qi, blood, yin and yang meridians. Differentiation.

How does acupuncture improve your sexual ability? Based on TCM theory, meridian boost qi, blood, balance yin and yang. procedure in detail. treatment plans.

Self care after treatment.

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