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Case report Acupuncture treatment for vulvar itching

Patient is female, 46-year old. She felt itchy around perineum for several days after having sex. She felt painful due to bad sleeping. The family doctor gave a vaginal smear examination, but nothing special was found. The patient didn't take any medication. She visited me to have a try if I can deal with this situation with acupuncture.

Tongue observation: slightly puffy and pale, light red on sides, with teeth marks, yellow and white thick coating.

Pulse: left Guan weak, right Guan bounding, Chi were thread and deep on both sides.

TCM diagnosis: spleen is too weak to transfer. dampness and heat accumulate on lower Jiao. Liver flames up and blood is deficient, internal wind attack.

Treatment principle: tonify spleen and remove dampness, soothe liver and gull bladder, tonify Qi and blood, regulate Qi flow.

Points: SP4, Lu7, SP6, KID3, GB34, SP9, ST36, CV4, CV2, LIV3, LI4

Method: manipulate needles and keep needles on for 30 mins.

Patient’s response, there was no significant change immediately after treatment. But, hours later she felt itchy sensation released gradually, and had a good sleep. She accepted treatment again next day then the uncomfortable feeling totally gone.

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