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Acupoints bank No. 1-ST 36

Acupoint ST 36 is an amazing point which is used in clinic commonly. ST means stomach meridian. So, this point is strongly related to our digestive system. To stimulate ST 36 can be benefit digestive system and immune system. A previous research shows that pricking this point can ) “enhance the level of immune cytokines and splenic CD4+ T cells through TRPV channels.” Meanwhile, traditionally, ST36 often is used to treat fatigue and weakness. According to TCM theory, stomach meridian is full of Qi and blood, which are basic material for our life. And this meridian start from head and face through all the body then down to foot. So, one point can treat lot of problems along the meridian. For patient with TMJ problem, besides the local points, ST 36 is a distal point I usually apply.

Ok, then, how to find this point? To fine it, you'd bend your knee joint slightly. It is found about a hand length (four fingers without thumb) below the kneecap, slightly lateral and in beside the prominent tibia bone. one finger width away from tibia bone (middle finger).

Methods of stimulating

There are 3 methods to stimulate this point, needle pricking, moxbustion and acu-massage. For the first one you need find a qualified acupuncturist. The other 2 ways you can do it by yourself. But be careful when you do moxa. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF.

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