Dear friends. Here are Dee and Goerge. Good news from associations that stage 2 of Alberta relaunch strategy announced acupuncture, osteopath and massage will be allowed reopen on June 12. Welcome back! However, due to the pandemic has not recovered yet, we have to keep alert. Before you book our service please read more infomation.


And we are very sorry to increase our services’ price due to covid-19 pandemic.  The pandemic make our team have to do more extra efforts for prevent spread of the virus that include longer gap between treatments for cleaning and sanitizing and more costs for PPE, antivirus products and equipment(UV light, air sanitizer). The new prices are effective from now.

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No pain, no pain! 



Body-mind relaxation

Offset body energy consuming

Ordering inordinate organ function

Soothing and cleaning body chakra

Therapeutic massage

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