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Dear friends, we are Dee and George. This is our small licensed home business. Dee is a registered massage therapist (RMT) with 3000 hours training and 5 years professional experience. In 2019 late summer, Dee completed manual osteopath certificate courses and got the membership of National Manual Osteopathic Society. Husband George is a registered acupuncturist. Either the title of RMT or acupuncturist is not easy to achieve. But our background of previous medical career made us master the essence of  this field. We are glad to help people suffering from pains. Direct billing is available! Click here for more details.



No pain, no pain! 



Body-mind relaxation

Offset body energy consuming

Ordering inordinate organ function

Soothing and cleaning body chakra

Therapeutic massage

Opening Hours​

Mon 9:00AM-8:30PM

Tue   9:00AM-8:30PM

Wed  9:00AM-8:30PM

Thu   9:00AM-8:30PM

Fri     9:00AM-8:30PM

Sat    9:00AM-8:30PM

Sun   9:00AM-8:30PM